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Monday, April 12, 2010

Starting out in the Legal Profession - Sundip's Journey

Hello - Sundip has contacted us and asked if he can keep everyone who reads the Legal Recruitment Blog updated with his progress, as well as get support and advice as required.

His first post is below:

first thing i would like to say is thank you for setting up this blog, its fantastic and very informative. I would like to say, i have decided i will be undertaking the ilex route into the profession. The main reason is because I would like to gain hands on experience and also study at the same time. I have been a special constable for the police for 6 years now, and i feel its time for me to work on the "other side" as they call it, i am fully aware that criminal solicitors do not get paid as much compared to solicitors in other areas, So i am still in a decision as to what field i want to qualify in. But i think most likely it will be the criminal side as I already have advocacy practice being in the police. I would just like to add, what advice would you give me in order to succeed in this field. I would also like to keep you informed of my journey :-) Kind Regards Sunny

I've just ended a conversation with Sundip, and asked him to keep the blog updated with his progress - we will post regular updates.

Jonathan Fagan, MD Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment -


Anonymous said...

Jonathan, what no derogatory post about legal executives? Cat got your tongue?

Jonathan Fagan said...


Does this relate to previous postings about the standing of Legal Executives traditionally within the profession?

Will be interested to see if Sundip decides to go down the legal executives route..