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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Unlimited Recruitment

Ten Percent Legal Recruitment has been at the forefront of online recruitment since 2000, introducing the UK’s first agency candidate database for law firms to look through and see which candidates we have on the books and to request CVs for them.

We have decided for 2010 to introduce a new way of working which probably suits small to medium firms who may be looking to recruit more than once within a 12 month period. For a one of fee we will allow you to contact (via us) as many candidates as you want to through our database, whether by letter, e-mail or telephone, and to recruit without any further charge.

The service will not give you direct access to our candidates and it preserves the candidate’s anonymity until they give consent for you to know who they are. Once authorised, you get to see a CV for each candidate as well as a brief description outlining their skills and experience. You can also communicate with the candidate without them knowing who you are and vice versa.

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