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Friday, May 01, 2009

Jobsearch Support for Newly Unemployed Professionals

The DWP have awarded Limited a 2 year contract to provide jobsearch support for newly unemployed professionals. At present, the scheme is very much in its infancy, but we have already provided the service to professionals based in the West Midlands and the North West. The scheme works by the Jobcentre Plus Adviser referring their clients through to us, and within 24 hours we arrange an appointment, usually over the telephone as the service is nationwide.

This appointment is about 45 mins long, and we cover a whole range of topics, concentrating as required on particular areas. At the end of the consultation we provide an action plan to the job centre and the client, and continue to provide support as required by email.

If you want to take advantage of this service, you need to be unemployed, and also speak to your adviser rather than ourselves as the referral has to come from them.

Jonathan Fagan is MD of and senior career coach at
You can call him on 0207 127 4343. Our contract number is AAA271601 if you want to refer us to your adviser.


worriedmum said...

Thank goodness someone is taking the plight of unemployed solicitors seriously. My daughter has spent years getting a degree, LPC, paralegal work and a training contact to finally get a job and after 9 months made redundant, no severance pay... then offered retraining by the job centre in hair and beauty !!! I have paid taxes for 40 years for my child to end up in debt for her education and training , and potentially homeless, with the prospect of becoming a beautician???

worriedmum said...

Oh, stop celebrating, the Jobcentre's system doesn't recognise Tenpercent and so she can't be referred!!

The Jobcentre is completely hopeless and a scandalous waste of public money.

Jonathan Fagan said... Limited - we are down as national providers with all Jobcentres. Our contract number is AAA271601, and the Jobcentre Plus Advisor simply needs to fill out a form (SL2JP) and post it to us with your name on, and call us with your name and telephone number. Our address is on the websites at and Hope this assists!

25 years qualified said...

Good to see someone still making money in the recession but this really does look like a waste of time.Perhaps you can let us know in six months just how many people have mangaged to get a job in the legal profession or otherwise following your efforts, because prospects are really dire at the moment and even more so for older solicitors

Jonathan Fagan said...

Making money would indeed be nice, but the terms of the contract with the DWP are not exactly going to turn anyone into millionaires..! We thought twice before even tendering for this contract as we were not sure how anyone would make any profit from it.

The funding pays for about 45 mins of telephone advice and then we provide any follow up services free of charge - Ten-Percent Legal has always given careers advice by email to anyone free of charge, and this has not changed even with the market being so awful.

We also provide the service to all professionals, not just lawyers, so to date we have advised managers from the printing industry, sales managers and other executives.

Perhaps '25 Years Qualified' would like to try the service to see if we can help, and we could publish his/her feedback and comments on the blog afterwards (positive or negative).

Jonathan Fagan, MD Limited

worriedmum said...

Well, I'm sorry that 25 years is redundant, but I wonder if he's yet had the dire experience of the job centre for 6 months?
Fortnightly humiliation of having to queue to get in, treated like you are trying to scrounge your way into £60 per week, treated like a teenager who is deliberately avoiding school...
I say pay Jonathan anything that the job centre is getting because he will at least bother to phone and talk to my daughter as if she's a professional human being. -and she's never had the opportunity to make money just rack up a debt for her education.

25 years gualified said...

Its worth signing on in order to get the specialised attention of someone who knows what he is talking about and will guide you forward with your job search in a informative and constructive way while listening to what you have to say.

In doing so, he sets a standard with his genuine interest and knowledge of the market which can only work in your favour now or in the future, so take advantage of it

Its all followed up in writing so you spend the time concentrating on what is said rather than note taking.

Its the best 45 minute consultation I have had on my career to date.

PS The Jobcentre was very helpful as well,they gave me the completed SL2JP which I posted with my CV to Jonathan.Thank you

rania123456 said...

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