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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bullying in the Workplace - comment from a solicitor

This comment was sent through by a reader. I should emphasise that it is a comment - I had problems with my blogspot software and hence have had to post it as a blog entry. The comment does not represent my experience or views. Jonathan Fagan, MD Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment.

"Very interesting article on bullying in the workplace. In the legal profession there is, in my experience, a higher proportion of female bullies than in other walks of life. that's not to say more women are bullies than men - just that a larger number of the women in the profession have bullying traits. Perhaps that is down to the nature of the job, perhaps it is because it can be harder for a woman to make her mark and feels she has to adopt certain tactics.

I experienced bullying from a female solicitor when I was an articled clerk in London; best thing in that case was to get out - which is what brought me up to Yorkshire (apart from my wife). Thereafter the bullies all tended to be men, not prevalent everywhere, but in firms with high targets, or newly amalgamated, a blame culture semed to bring it on more than anything else.

Strangely it was when I looked at being in a quasi-legal workplace that I encountered female bullying again; the employer that I was engaged by had a huge majority of female staff (although a male manager) and from day one I was targeted. Eventually things came to a head, I was unfairly dismissed and pursued a successful case in the tribunal (although settled before hearing - details to be kept under wraps).

Although I won my argument it was not the happiest of endings and one that I tend to disguise in my CV.

I have since found enjoyable and successful employment "in-house" at a large commercial organisation which works hard to maintain a cordial staff atmosphere despite the current difficult financial conditions. Just goes to show that things can work out well!"

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Anonymous said...

Bullying is immediately associated with men, few consider women as a possible.
Get on the wrong side of a women and you'll realise how she can bully your every move.