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Monday, November 03, 2008

Legal job update November 2008

"An incompetent lawyer can delay a trial for months or years. A competent lawyer can delay one even longer." Evelle Younger.

"Welcome to the November Newsletter for Law Firms and Companies. I hope you find it of interest - we have released our latest legal job market report, and you can find details below." Jonathan Fagan LLM Solicitor (non-practising), MREC, CertRP, Managing Director, Limited.

Legal Job Market Report - Nov 3rd 08 - 66% fall in new Jobs
Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment, online recruitment specialists and part of the Ten-Percent Recruitment Group, reported today that legal jobs for solicitors and qualified lawyers registered with them were down by 66% compared with the same time last year.

Jonathan Fagan, MD, said "during October 2007, 57 legal jobs (all at solicitor or higher) were posted with our agency by law firms and in house legal departments. In October 2008 this had reduced by 66% to 19 jobs. We have also recorded a reduction in the numbers of permanent posts as opposed temporary, and our temporary business has increased to 25% of our job postings." Fagan added "it does not follow that this has affected our business however. We specialise in recruiting solicitors, and usually the posts we recruit for have only a couple of applicants if we are lucky, so we would not have filled even a third of the 57 vacancies last October. In the current market we have more candidates available for jobs on our database, so the change is quite apparent". "The market has been hit particularly badly by the influx of conveyancing lawyers trying to get a new post, whether as a conveyancing lawyer or other field. This means that our candidate registration numbers are up, but the vacancies are down. We have gone from 700 conveyancing jobs earlier this year to less than 10 currently live. There is still a lot of optimism though, and law firms are still recruiting litigation lawyers and those making a living out of Legal Services Commission funded work." "I think law firms will see a reduction in the number of agencies bombarding them with sales calls in the near future as a number of recruiters are not going to survive the current economic downturn. Our company is well established with low overheads thanks to our unique online operation, and we also have other strands to our business which can support the recruitment during the credit crunch". Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment donate 10% of their annual profit to charity, hence the name. The company specialises in legal recruitment, and Jonathan Fagan is recognised as an expert in the field, writing the award-winning blog. To view the Novermber 2nd 2008 legal job report, please visit

Redundancy & Career Coaching Packages for your Clients - generate income
If you have an employment law department looking for new ways to generate business or income, it may be worth forwarding this through to them. Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment is linked to another website JB Fagan & Associates who provide Executive Career Coaching and Outplacement Services.

Your Employment Department can market the Outplacement Service to their clients, and either sell it as a separate service or alternatively provide it as part of their service to clients along with their own redundancy advice services. Particularly applicable to medium-large companies and organisations at junior-senior management levels, our Career Consultants can work alongside your Lawyers to provide a full Outplacement Service including CV, Interview & Career Coaching, Job Applications, Skill Testing, Alternative Career Options and Ongoing Support Packages.

This enables your firm to sell the complete package to their clients - an employee being made redundant with positive thoughts about their former employer is a benefit, whereas one being dumped on the street without ceremony is a threat to future business. For further details or to discuss options, please contact us at or call 0207 127 4343.Ensuring safe recruitment in a fluctuating market - special offer from Ten-Percent
One of the main concerns of firms currently recruiting is the uncertainty of the work, the fluctuating market and the possibility of paying out fees to recruiters where redundancy will have to be considered in 6-9 months time.

We have been recently trialling a new service where instead of paying us an upfront fee for our services (we remain the cheapest in the UK on this front), you pay monthly for the first 12 months. We are now launching this product for all law firms and in house legal departments across the UK. It is not available to international firms and companies.

If a candidate leaves before the 12 months is up, you pay a fee based on how long the candidate has been with you, so for example if a candidate has completed 3 months with you, you would pay a fee based on 3/12 of the annual salary.

This way you do not need to worry about collecting a rebate if for some reason you need to let a new member of staff go, for example if the market fluctuates yet again.

We have been speaking to law firms in recent weeks, and this seems to be the main fear amongst partners regarding recruitment - it is not that they want to freeze staffing levels, but they are concerned about the overheads like recruitment fees that will inevitably follow if they do go back to the job market.

For details, please email Jonathan Fagan at

For free access to our candidate database (unlike certain other legal recruiters), please visit our website.

Lawyer Joke
A man sat down at a bar, looked into his shirt pocket, and ordered a double scotch. A few minutes later, the man again peeked into his pocket and ordered another double. This routine was followed for some time, until after looking into his pocket, he told the bartender that he's had enough.The bartender said, "I've got to ask you - what's with the pocket business?"The man replied, "I have my lawyer's picture in there. When he starts to look honest, I've had enough."

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