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Monday, September 08, 2008

BVC Student Applications.

We have had a spate of calls in recent weeks from BVC students and graduates phoning up to inform me that they are looking for temporary work and can we help them.

I usually refer such telephone callers to our blog as I have written about this countless times on different issues for different graduates and law students but for some reasons BVC students and graduates seem to think that they are a cut above all the other students and graduates for some reason known only to themselves.

I even had one yesterday who when I said we were unable to assist said, “You are a legal recruitment agency, aren’t you?” I find such attitudes amazing, when someone is phoning me to get a favour and yet phones up and speaks to me as if I should be grateful that I am talking to them. It also seems to be a common failing that amongst graduates and students to realise that such approach just does not work in the legal profession and that firms and chambers do not look for aggression, but rather for someone who appears able to hold their own, appear confident but also be polite.

I reiterate Ten Percent’s position here which is that we are very unlikely to be able to assist anyone who is a BVC or LPC student or graduate to find a training contract, work experience placement, paralegal placement or mini puplip. I am afraid that you are on your own with this, there is no assistance that can be given to you. Ten Percent do run a legal work experience scheme and you can sign up for that on our website. We can’t take telephone calls from people enquiring about temporary work if they have no experience at their academic qualification. You will probably be wasting your time with the vast majority of agencies as very few will be able to assist if any. I say this every time on the telephone but there are some large London agencies who might be able to assist you with temporary work, but you need to be aware that in the summer months they will be inundated with applicants who have finished their courses and are looking for work. You really create your own luck in the legal profession, and if you are a student or graduate, the best piece of advice I can give you is if you have not yet got a training contract or career planned out, you need to go and get as much experience as you can as this opens doors for you. Doors only open if you put your foot in them, and it is no use expecting someone else to do the running or work for you. You need to be phoning firms, writing to them, identifying places to get in touch with for experience, and then using that experience to find yourself a job.

Jonathan Fagan is Managing Director of Ten Percent Legal Recruitment, consultants for solicitors and legal executives. Although we are very unlikely to be able to assist students and graduates, we do offer career coaching and a legal work experience scheme and details of both are available on our website at

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