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Friday, July 04, 2008

Conveyancing jobs in London?

I thought it may be worth adding a note to the blog about conveyancing in London because we are getting a lot of enquiries and a lot of worried candidates at present.

I estimate that at present we are getting about ten new CVs a day from conveyancing lawyers in and around London looking for work. Bearing in mind it takes us in the region of about 20 minutes to process each application, register the candidate and add them to our databases, we’re starting to have to introduce a backlog to conveyancers. At present, there are not the vacancies out there to justify the work being put in.

I make no apology for this as at the end of the day, Ten Percent is a commercial organisation and with the market getting very tight we have to focus resources on specific areas and conveyancing in London is not one of them.

As a result of this, some candidates will find that there is a considerable delay before they get an acknowledgement off us to say that we have registered them. At present, the backlog is about two weeks. The delay in responding is probably not far off the same.

We are constantly in touch with anyone who has a conveyancing post registered with us in the London area and every time somebody indicates they have filled one or decided not to recruit, we do knock the vacancy off the database.

However, there are still a good number on there where the firms are not telling us that they have filled them and in fact, some are indicating that they would rather keep them on and see if anyone good comes along with a following or a particular skill that they are interested in.

This does mean that our website has a lot of vacancies on there that are probably not suitable for anyone newly qualified or between 0 to three years without a following.

If this applies to you, I apologise that our company is too small to process so many CVs, but we have always prided ourselves on a personal service and we aim to give this to every candidate who registers with us who we think we are going to be able to help. What has happened in the past is that these dips have resulted in significant numbers of candidates registering, when the market has picked up we have then been a position to be able to assist further.

I hope this will be the same on this occasion and conveyancing once again starts to pick up within a few months.

Jonathan Fagan is Managing Director of Ten Percent ( Ten Percent are legal recruitment consultants who offer a full range of recruitment services plus business improvement consultancy and career coaching. You can contact Jonathan at

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