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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Law Firm Office Xmas Parties - The Rules

16.12.07 Rules for Law Firm Office Parties at Christmas
1. Whatever you do - do not get drunk.
This is about the worst thing that can happen (and the best if it happens to someone else!).
2. Do not sit next to someone who you don't like and get drunk.
This can result in fights, particularly if it is your boss.
3. Avoid miseltoe (and alcohol)
You could end up kissing the office dog.
4. Book a taxi, and make sure you are there at 6pm, rather than 6am.
This ensures you do not end up in a ditch at 6am singing songs about the Law Society.
5. Eat food that does not contain butter beans or soya.
This ensures you do not inflict anything on the partners and other solicitors.
6. Complain about anything to the senior partner.
Do not think that just because they look inebriated, they are - usually they are pretending to see what you will say.
7. Enjoy the party, as it is back to work on Boxing Day...
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