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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What do Company Commercial Solicitors do?

30.07.07 What does a Company Commercial Solicitor do?

We occasionally run series of articles on this site with a different theme, and this one is all about what different types of law actually mean... at this time of year, we get a lot of calls from would be trainee solicitors hunting for holiday work, vacation placements and training contracts, and most probably have very little idea as to the reality of life as a solicitor in a certain field.

A company commercial solicitor is usually well paid, deals with a lot of administrative work, and spends an inordinate amount of time being nice to directors of companies from back bedroom start ups through to blue chip multinationals. In essence, company commercial work is all to do with compliance with various regulations, and ensuring that the operation of a company is within the legal framework of legislation. Quite a lot of time is spent reading contracts, agreements, shareholder paperwork, and chairing meetings. This is one area of the law where your LPC can actually have some relevance!

One of the perks of the post is that often you can spend quite a lot of time being nice to clients, and this can involve corporate hospitality with boxes at football matches, race days, bonding sessions whilst playing golf etc..!

Pay is usually good, and a company commercial solicitor at 2 years PQE can be earning anything from about £35k in the regions up to about £90k or more in the city. The regional firms tend to have a very broad spectrum of work for their comp coms, whereas in the city the specialism is broken down into about 20 different smaller areas of work, which can include corporate finance, taxation, mergers & acquisitions, PFI, and contract work. Working in a smaller practice will usually require a much broader range of knowledge, although you always have counsel's opinions to fall back on if you get stuck..

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