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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas and Charity Giving

19.12.06 Christmas, Charity Giving and Legal Jobs. 
We have just entered the Christmas quiet period, when everyone has better things to do than look at the internet for legal recruitment consultants and legal jobs, so everything quietens down until the New Year when the New Years Resolutions have kicked in and firms start to find their staff are on their way off to new pastures! As a result, if you are looking for legal jobs now, chances are you will find that not a lot happens until the New Year. If you have been thinking about a move, but not sure when to make it, a good time is the New Year - partners have had a chance to think about future progression, and where to expand or replace, and everyone tends to be in a relatively generous mood, which leads me onto my next point for this article - why do we give the Ten-Percent Foundation 10% of our profit to charity? 
Well, when we set up the company, we wanted to link into the charitable giving angle as a means for promoting the company to lawyers and law firms. We thought it would be quite a good selling point at the time, and that a lot of lawyers would use the service specifically because of this. However, when we found out from market research that it was actually the quality of our service that solicitors liked, and not the charitable donation, it was very tempting to ditch the whole thing and keep the money ourselves! Unfortunately the managing director (me) has an inbred sense of needing to look after others and support those with a lot less than ourselves, and we have retained the commitment, and set up a charitable trust to receive the money. It is now in our articles of association so we have an obligation every year to donate a percentage of our profits to charity. 
We enjoy giving money to some charitable causes, and hate giving it to others! I have found that there are two types of charities out there - those that want you to give money to them and make the experience easy and a pleasure, and those that actually make it hard and difficult. We are quite awkward customers I must confess, as I like to give money to specific projects, so traditionally have supported small charities with specific aims like Sendacow or the Clwyd Riding for the Disabled etc.. and it has been quite gratifying receiving our first Christmas card from a horse! Feel free to get in touch and suggest projects - we are always happy to look at them. - Legal recruitment consultants in the UK

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